The Other Side of L.A.: Insecure (Foxtel, three seasons)Too often the experiences of black Americans are told through their relationship to the white monoculture, but in Issa Rae’s droll comic-drama the experiences of best friends Issa Dee (Rae) and Molly Walker (the formidable Yvonne Orji) are contained in black neighbourhoods, black traditions, and black idiosyncrasies. Eddie Strait is a member of the Austin Film Critic Association. It felt like cashing in on one of the greatest shows (and one of the earliest Netflix binge crazes) because nobody wanted to let Breaking Bad go. Rob and Sharon become a couple following a one-week fling while Rob is visiting London on a business trip and Sharon becomes pregnant. At a brisk 13 episodes, Riverdale is an ideal summer binge choice. The show is closing in on 100 episodes and it still has the same anarchic spirit powering it through mission after mission and joke after joke. Enough blood, guts, and laughs are packed into each episode that it’s almost exhausting to have this much fun. Plus, the much-hyped season three of Stranger Things just debuted (on July 4th!). My first rental was the short-lived and quickly forgotten Jay Mohr series Action. Each episode features a new cast (including the likes of Hayley Atwell, Domhnall Gleeson, and Jon Hamm) and a premise taken to its extreme. *Stan is owned by Nine, the publisher of this website. Daniel Holden is working his way back into a society that doesn’t want him after spending 19 years on death row. An interactive animated adventure from Matt Layzell. Few shows are as focused on the reverberations of daily minutiae as Rectify, and that’s where many of the highlights come from. The 15 Minute Comedy: Special (Netflix, one season)Netflix, with its reams of data, is already testing the next frontier, which is the 15-minute episode. This feels like it could suffer from. This Malaysian sitcom sees a young woman return home to take over her father’s old coffee shop. Grab a six pack of Dr. Pepper and some vanilla cookies and settle in. The short runtime is refreshing and fits the style of the show perfectly. Unofficial Netflix discussion, and all things Netflix related! His reviews focus primarily on streaming entertainment, with an emphasis on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other on-demand services. Curently watching The Inbetweeners. It makes the emotional moments resonate and keeps the comedy sharp. Her specialist topics include comic books, films, TV and feminism. The Twilight Zone or It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. And there’s Mallory Archer, a former super-spy who manages the entire operation from her luxurious office – when she’s not sleeping with the head of the KGB, and Bert Reynolds, or, you know, anyone else who takes her fancy. syndrome and burn through storylines too fast, but those are problems for tomorrow, man. Who could ever get tired of watching great actors sling Sorkinese? —E.S. Along with inheriting the Kopitiam, however, she gains a kooky group of friends, and they all have plenty of feel-good coffee-drinking adventures along the way. The One Halloween Decor Item in All Our Editors’ Homes This Year, Holiday Decor to Buy Now Before It Sells Out, 5 Extra-Special Gifts to Pre-Order Now to Ensure They Arrive for the Holidays, The Toddler-Friendly Trader Joe’s Frozen Foods I Always Have On-Hand, 15 Fall Recipes You Can Meal Prep This Week, limited time to spend together with your partner, How Acupuncture and Other Holistic Practices May Positively Impact Fertility, Birth Story: I Almost Lost My Baby in a Car Crash at 33 Weeks Pregnant, Having a Child Is Expensive—Here’s How to Save Money on Everyday Expenses, New to The Everygirl? Lovely. Well, the superlative acting, writing, and directing also help.—. The show functions best as a meditative mood piece with outstanding music by Mogwai. Horror shows really have a short life unless they go the anthology route. The reason for this is that I have a hard time watching an hour long show because I feel like I'm not getting far into the show. But keep your hanky handy, as Parenthood earns every bit of its reputation for pulling on the heartstrings. If you prefer dark mysterious and gut-punch revelations, this British import is what you’re looking for. It’s a show about watching your life change, even as you’re looking elsewhere. Half-hour shows are quick and plot points are easy to remember, making it simple to zip … With the Palladinos back in the saddle for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life we finally got the ending that we should’ve had all along, including the near-mythical “final four words” that taunted fans for a decade. This feels like it could suffer from O.C. 30-Minute Shows From Netflix, HBO, and More to Stream With Your Partner Catastrophe – Amazon Prime. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Dead to Me is a dark comedy, featuring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, as new friends Jen and Judy who meet at a grief support group following the tragic death of Jen’s (Applegate’s) husband. The jokes have gone stale over time, but that doesn’t matter. The first season is great and makes a fine stopping point if you’ve had enough. This six-episode miniseries was produced in the U.K. and is a great option for anyone looking for a show that is captivating and doesn’t overstay its welcome. The series has been renewed for a sixth and final season which will premiere late this year. Television shows that hover around the 30-minute mark are incredibly easy to binge-watch. Sometimes, a quick show is the only time you have to enjoy something together and veg out during the hectic workweek. Luther has a preternatural gift for solving crimes and series creator Neil Cross has a knack for deranged criminals. But with such choice-overload and with such constrained free-time as parents, it’s hard to know what to watch next beyond recommendations from friends or the channel algorithms. —E.S. Of all the reasons the show is great, the cast is number one. Sterling Mallory Archer (perfectly voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is as hilarious as he is incorrigible. The show’s commitment to its broken characters, headlined by the effervescently charming Rachel Bloom, is one of its strengths. With the show’s tendency to favor long improvisational riffs and a somewhat tenuous commitment to continuity, New Girl is an excellent choice for those looking for a show you can watch leisurely or choose episodes at random. After all, they’re sometimes being watched on public transport commutes, at the gym, or last thing at night. —E.S. The joy of watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes not only from its hilarious musical numbers but its irreverent bucking of rom-com conventions. The weight of the breakneck pacing and plentiful soapy plot twists would sink most shows, but they’re the engine that drives Scandal.

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