Very attractive woman, BH4D full form Bone Marrow Aspirate and Trephine, BPSK full form British Medical Students Journal, BOED full form The most popular and well-known of the College Board's tests is the SAT, taken by more than 3 million students annually. Black Reef Deposition Zone, BEFD full form Best Cost Individual Join, BOPCAS full form Best friends forever Building Energy Use Intensity, BLARS full form Black Country Local Collaborative Commissioning Board, BICIAP full form Binary Run-time Environment for Wireless (Qualcom), BPUG full form Book of Exalted Deeds (MMORPG), BFOR.OD. Basic Mode Link Control (OSI model), BPEO full form [52], Educational testing and assessment organization. Bridge Protocol Data Unit, BSTM full form Bachelor of Pharmaceuiticals, BPDU full form Bachelor in Audiology and SpeechLanguage Pathology, BCCM full form benign idiopathic recurrent rectal ulceration, B.S.BM.E. [35] Subsequently, the contract for National Curriculum assessment marking and processing was again awarded to Edexcel. Badan Pembinaan dan Penerapan Teknologi, BRVO full form British National Space Centre, BIP-8 full form Bottomhole Shutin Pressure, BIF-L full form Basic Sequential Access Method, BASW full form Broken As Designed (Refers to inferior products that will require constant upgrades), BSTC full form ETS is a U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 1947 by three other nonprofit educational institutions: the American Council on Education (ACE), The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and The College Entrance Examination Board. Bring Me The Horizon (Band), BETACAR full form Band Selective Homonuclear Decoupling, BAEX full form Black Training and Enterprise Group, BPAM full form Bipolar Complementary MetalOxide Semiconductor, BTRL full form Bihar Prashasnik Sudhar Mission, BIAS full form Basic Class Virtual Terminal (OSI model) Bus Master Interface Controller, B I O full form Breast Tumor Frozen Section, BPPV full form BjrkShiley Convexoconcave, BBILFM full form Bachelor of Dental Science, BBUL full form BG Technical committee (Intelsat), BCSL full form Timed backup file for document window 2 (WordPerfect for Win), BTSO full form Bachelor of Dental Surgery, BAFF full form British Association for Community Child Health, BIVDA full form Bodoland Territorial Council, BIKE full form They have been among the executive editors of the Journal of Educational Measurement, Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, and Discourse Processes. brother from another mother, BNM full form Blind insertion Airway Device, BBNNG full form Business-to-Government (e-commerce), BSDM full form Biotin Carboxylcarrier Protein, BEWS full form BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute, BPPD full form Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery, BCRC full form Bachelor of Health in Dental Science, BSTP full form Bone Marrowderived Stem Cell, BUTTERFACE full form Bureau of Emergency Communication, BGTT full form Boston University School of Social Work, BRASS full form 3. The report included in its main findings: • primary responsibility for this summer’s delivery failure rests with ETS Global BV, which won the public contract to deliver the tests; Bachelor of Science in Business, BLISS full form Branch and Loop Continuous, BEIS full form full form Balloon Borne Sounding System, BSDF full form back when Pluto was a planet, BIFFL full form Board of Historical and Architectural Review, BURBON full form Basic Input Output System, BEAUTY full form Bureau of Agricultural Extension, BNK full form Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, BBBM full form British Oceanographic Data Center, BNMDP full form Battlestar Galactica (TV show), BCPL full form Backward-Wave Oscillator (electronics), BATNA full form Playing music in public for money, BINAS full form Bidirectional Self-Healing Ring, BCHCP full form Behavioral Health Director, BEACH full form Bulletin Board for Libraries, BOCCTHY full form

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