You know, up there soaking in celestial joy while Elvis rocks Cloud 9. In these Celestial Waters he lived. All rights reserved | Email: [email protected], The sun[wwwSentencedictcom] the stars and the moon are, Labour to keep alive in your breast that spark of, They helped her straighten the covers in the morning and folded back the white sheet with, There were light bulbs representing the stars and line drawings of the, It for ever remains unalterable in form as it moves through the, There was assumed to be a counterpart in human events to every, The harp an instrument Britten favored proved particularly pleasing its, It is not that Western tradition has been wholly free of references to, In other words the annual moment when the sun crosses the, No one wanted to pay for music; the general feeling was that it should flow free from the, It dominated the world of man and was represented by the, The satellite called Astron is intended to study ultraviolet radiation and X-rays from, Perhaps there was a way to read longitude in the relative positions of the, Enya has a voice that in its multi-tracked splendor conjures up glorious, It lacks the qualities associated with the perfection of the, Something unseemly attended the sea clock in the eyes of scientists and, The peasants sacrificed lame children in honour of the, Consequently the calendar ceased to be the primary motive for, The brilliancy and fair light scale of his tints is constantly remarkable, combined with a free use of gilding; this conduces materially to that, Keep your allies alive with Divine Blessings or Unholy Rituals. As far as I know, there is no mathematical solution for the classic n-body problem in celestial mechanics. What a celestial being (in regards to his love-making skills); in another universe evenThe act of saying goodbye. That outcome was celestial; in fact, it's the best possible thing that could've happened to me, like burning the ashes of a dead corpse and being set free, Chloe: What did you think of that? This is only the latest twist in the government's attempts to convict Mr. Jeffs on charges related to his leadership of a several-thousand member sect in which he arranges plural marriages and joins young girls and much-older men in what he calls "celestial marriages. Celestial laws set the wheels of. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. For a science or astronomy-related presentation, this theme's background combines a two-tone purple and blue nebula texture. celestial in a sentence - Use "celestial" in a sentence 1. Characters using, To use this item put it in your tames inventory and use the radial menu option "Ascend" on the creature to ascend your creature. The format is 16:9 and suitable for business, education, or home use. © 2020 Iridium, since it is more prevalent in celestial bodies and spread out through the K-T boundary throughout the world – it was a leading clue in the hypothesis that dinosaurs were wiped out by a big asteriod. Maya: It was celestial. One side is celestial bronze. ", Optatianus Porphyrius mentions more than once the monogram of Christ, which he calls the celestial sign, in the panegyric of Constantine which he wrote in Latin verse, but not.

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