She and her three siblings, two sisters and a brother, were homeschooled, and the girls started wearing long skirts that covered their knees. She gave birth and was later diagnosed with post-partum psychosis, a serious mental health condition that occurs suddenly after a mother has given birth. The same friend who watched her kids during therapy came down to help Van Harn pack up the car. She hopes that he might want to become a teacher one day. As soon as she walked through the security doors, Amin says she felt relieved, and her body was coming down from such shock that she developed a fever on the plane. If I were in school now, my life would have been different. Camfed works to help more girls stay in school and out of child marriage, through its Unlock Futures campaign. "And I heard a lot of rumors that were going around, that I'd become a partier, that I was sleeping around, that I was leaving the kids with strangers in order to date. But in the world’s most dangerous places, childhood is frequently the first casualty. This can relate to both boys and girls. What most people don't know is that there are loopholes. Read more: Sierra Leone’s First Lady Reveals Her Plan to End Child Marriage in Her Country. Looking back at her wedding, Van Harn calls herself complacent: "I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea," she says. To plan and prepare. Take action: Stand With Sonita: Tell World Leaders to End Child Marriage. In Nigeria, Hauwa* was abducted when she was nine years old and held captive by Boko Haram for over four years. The most common one is parental consent, as was the case in Anna's situation. He signed papers," says Anna, now 32. If Mary were to refuse, she would have been forced to leave home, as her family members were unable to take care of her. Despite laws against it, the harmful practice remains widespread. 22nd Dec 2013. “When I was staying with mum I was free to do what I wanted to do,” she continued. Find out more. "It was a huge wake up call for me, realizing that things were going to get a lot worse and she'd grow up thinking that was OK.", Jones told her husband that she wanted a divorce. Her childhood had been a rocky one from the start. Thanks to compassionate supporters like you, Save the Children has championed equal rights for every child for over 100 years. She says her family continues to demand her to pay back the dowry from her forced marriage. On 12th July the practice was outlawed. “When I was pregnant I felt so much pain because I wasn’t ready to conceive at that age,” she said. Freshta escaped her husband thanks to her mother, who had found out where she was and rescued her. Call governments or join rallies. It's not verbal. Gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations. 15 million girls are married before the age of 18, Stand With Sonita: Tell World Leaders to End Child Marriage, 5 Countries With Highest Numbers of Child Marriages, This Video Shows Exactly Why Gender Discriminatory Laws Need to Change, Proposed Iraq Law Would Allow Girls as Young as 9 to Marry, Malawi’s Abandoned Child Brides Are Turning to Sex Work as Their ‘Only Option’, These Teen Girls Are Stopping Child Marriages in West Africa, Sierra Leone’s First Lady Reveals Her Plan to End Child Marriage in Her Country, Texas Finally Outlawed Child Marriage — But a Loophole Still Exists, India Rules Sex With a Child Bride Is Always Rape in a Massive Win for Girls’ Rights. Child brides can be found in every region in the world.

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