She seems to have no ego, unlike everyone else in the story. Retrieved from the film that Mrs. Van Hopper's voice over saying: "She was the beautiful Rebecca Hildreth, you know. 'Maxim' de Winter is the male protagonist in this film. One would assume at the mention of an estate on the seaside that it would be a relaxing place for healing, strength and relaxation; yet this particular place is nothing of the sort. His ex-wife, Rebecca drown in the pool when she was sailing near Manderley. Even the words from Du Maurier's novel itself, "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again," open the movie -- leading us into the world of make-believe. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. This dialogue keep repeating ". Rebecca (1940), Mr. Maxim arguing with Mrs. de WinterIva Archer. She's also absolutely perfect in the role of the second Mrs. DeWinter, taking a character that could have become a cloying bore in less capable hands and transforming her into a sympathetic and interesting figure.The movie, on the whole, is similarly amazing, capturing the spirit and the tone of those great Gothic romances. A shy lady's companion, staying in Monte Carlo with her stuffy employer, meets the wealthy Maxim de Winter (Sir Laurence Olivier). She is extremely passive in her own life, while a dead woman, Rebecca, is given all attention from all angles of the story. The jailed-shaped shadow could be defined as she is being trapped by the words from Mrs. Van Hopper, and being pressured as she has been fall in love with Mr. Maxim. Her virginal, unobtrusive ways highlight the evil around her within the house: the jealous maid, the shady past and the scandal and pain that surrounded Rebecca. Mrs. Danvers is the femme fatale in this film is because of some reasons. always dark. Even she already dead but the things she used before are still keep in the. A shy lady's companion, staying in Monte Carlo with her stuffy employer, meets the wealthy Maxim de Winter (Sir Laurence Olivier). His fear of Manderely reflects a diseased presence within the estate, because Ben has no reason or ego to protect, he has no reason to lie. A psychopath forces a tennis star to comply with his theory that two strangers can get away with murder. Watching Rebecca, I was reminded (pleasantly) of Wuthering Heights; I do not mean to suggest that in some way this film re-tells the tale of Cathy and Heathcliff, but rather that Rebecca has the feel of Bronte's novel (I am most certainly not talking about the William Wyler adaptation a few years before the release of Rebecca. Her first scene in the movie is when she goads him off of a dangerous precipice, and this is her role for the rest of the movie. In this scene, Mrs. de WinterIva Archer is sleeping and dreamt of what she heard from Mrs. Van Hopper, which is about Mr. Maxim and his ex-wife Rebecca. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. He is a wild oracle, a foreboding man whose words and presence cannot be ignored or erased. Rebecca (1940), This is to show those things are belong to Rebecca. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. This is the most romantic scene, to me, in the movie, because he is showing himself to be a wounded man and she is taking him in regardless. Mrs. Danvers does not like the other femme fatale in film noir. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? A tale of innocent American tourists in Morocco whose son's kidnapping sets off a twisting plot of international intrigue. Rebecca But it is not true. She and Max fall in love, marry, and return to Manderley, his large country estate in Cornwall. She and Max fall in love, marry, and return to Manderley, his large country estate in Cornwall. She admits that she always felt beneath Rebecca, and that she never could have lived up to her reputation, or even to her touch upon his fingers. I hurt along with her. Is there anything genuine to back up the feeling of authentic romance, if everyone is just acting? Not to mention the cool, distant and almost insensitive approach that Maxim takes in regards to his new wife. This pushes the viewer to look deeper into a story, and if they story itself is about representations, then, in some regards, the "joke" is on the viewer which is quite exciting, especially in a thriller or detective situation. Two men attempt to prove they committed the perfect crime by hosting a dinner party after strangling their former classmate to death. That fact, in itself, is quite saddening and tragic for her -- yet she is madly in love with Maxim de Winter and will go to all lengths to stop him from dying of sadness and despair. There are very few that would be able to take a love story, infuse it with such gloom, with such a sense of foreboding, and still manage to create something that ends happily without it feeling like a cop-out. Therefore, the question about the blend of the genres within the piece and how they contribute to, complicate, or take away from the film is an interesting one because it is an attractive mix to begin with between the director and the producer's senses of storytelling, as well as the original brooding, gothic novel of Daphne Du Maurier. Then, we have the actual human issue of Rebecca, who manipulated Maxim into thinking she was having someone else's child. He has make the decision to marry Mrs. De WinterIva Archer as his second wife. Even the secret he keeps of how Rebecca died and where her body lays could be construed of as a lie, a dream of sorts, because there is no reason after watching the film to think that he did not really murder her. The nameless, paper doll of a new wife is stepping into an identity of someone who once was, while Maxim does not seem to know in the least who he is or what he wants, again haunted by his former love. It has formed a jailed-shape shadow and reflected on Mrs. de WinterIva Archer. The scene that I have chosen to analyze closely is when Maxim has his new wife down at the seaside cottage and is confessing his story about Rebecca's actual death. Furthermore, the “R” always appears at the bright and another side of it Few other movies affect me so emotionally - one of them is Vertigo.All in all, this is a fantastic piece of film-making from Hollywood's golden age. A former police detective juggles wrestling with his personal demons and becoming obsessed with a hauntingly beautiful woman. Who is the one who kill her? You don't need an excuse to vote early. things that happen at the mansion. The cottage is the only place in the film where there seems to be life without premise or lies involved; it could be seen as the heart of the movie; where people act out who they really are. A former tennis player tries to arrange his wife's murder after learning of her affair. He smokes a cigarette and speaks quickly; he is panicked and drudging up his painful past for both the audience and his wife. Perhaps I was. There is no sense of reality in Rebecca. She listens to Mrs. Danvers to wear the outfit that exactly same with the picture on the wall because she thinks Mr. Maxim will like it. But when the Agent is killed, and the man stands accused, he must go on the run to save himself and stop a spy ring which is trying to steal top secret information. Just as Rebecca was playing the part of his devoted wife, we get the feeling through Hitchcock's directing that the new lady is merely a "part" as well; she has no name, after all. She does not really like Mrs. de WinterIva Archer because she despises Mrs Archer for taking her mistress's place. He is about to have to face the real world and is going over his story. The end is hopeful, however, because we hope that her purity will bring him into a better place. Visit your state election office website to find out if you can vote by mail. The picture on the wall (Ex-wife of Mr. Maxim). We really don't have a grip on anyone's "heart," actually. A psychiatrist protects the identity of an amnesia patient accused of murder while attempting to recover his memory. Visit the state elections site. Her jealousy, secretiveness and immaturity are highlighted in her trick playing both at the costume ball and afterwards when she tries to talk the new bride into committing suicide. She has no children of her own and seems to be like an orphan herself after the loss of Rebecca. 137 of 189 people found this review helpful. She also wants to insult Mrs. Archer to jump down from the room. Rebecca Although we see him kissing her on the cheek, or comforting her briefly, these signs of affection do not envelope us in their passion or attraction. It seems that many of Hitchcock's men possess these icy qualities, for such qualities do lend themselves to the power of the "Thriller" genre.

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