It's about being proud of who you are and confident in yourself. Cole’s video for “Crooked Smile” from his album Born Sinner, was dedicated to Aiyana Stanley-Jones, a 7-year-old girl killed in … Incorporated throughout the entire song are exceptional lyrics. "Crooked Smile" is a song by American hip hop recording artist and record producer J. Cole, released June 4, 2013, as the second official single from his second studio album, Born Sinner (2013). The song samples Jennifer Hudson’s "No One Gonna Love You" and features guest vocals from R&B group TLC. The revised video is a commentary on America's War on Drugs, dedicated to Aiyana Stanley-Jones, the seven-year-old who was shot and killed during a Detroit police raid. The song has since peaked at number 27 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. Aiyana was a seven year old African-American girl from Detroit who was killed in a raid by Detroit's Special Response Team. The song was produced by Cole himself, and Elite. J. Cole used his latest video to send a message to law enforcement in the war against drugs with the help of videographer Sheldon Candis. During a recent interview with fuse, J. Cole explained the meaning behind his song "Crooked Smile." The music video for J. Cole's collabo with TLC, "Crooked Smile," should have dropped weeks ago, but the rapper had to reshoot it. Cole stars as a drug dealer who, despite his illegal line of work, is a doting father to an adorable little girl. J. Cole pulled from reality for his song Crooked Smile, featuring TLC. Watch the thought-provoking video above, then check out what Cole told Fuse about the lyrical inspiration behind "Crooked Smile" below. The second half is like heaven. The song “Crooked Smile” by rapper J. Cole tackles the issue of unrealistic expectations of women with the songs exceptional lyrics, broad metaphors and positive tone. "It's such an important song so I want the visual to match," he told Miss Info in late August. 6 Comments; 0 Tags; ... What it's like to have a crooked smile I'm on my way, on my way, on my way down On my way, on my way, on my way down You're the one that was trying to keep me way down But like the sun know you know I found my way back round To all … It is like making it out of the depression and celebrating it." In the video, Cole displays possible events leading up to her death from both sides of the story. Crooked Smile This song is J.Cole's response to the incident that happened to Aiyana Stanley-Jones. It's about inner beauty, and not changing yourself for someone else or because society makes you feel a certain way. A DEA agent, with a charming young daughter of his own, co-stars and leads a raid to arrest Cole on his daughter's birthday. "The song is basically, keep your head up...I understand I don't have the Colgate [smile], I don't have the braces. The music video for J. Cole's collabo with TLC, "Crooked Smile," should have dropped weeks ago, but the rapper had to reshoot it. The song as a whole is about flaws, a “Crooked smile” for example, and how those flaws do not limit any individual to what they can accomplish. When you become like, somewhat known, they definitely make it a point to remind … The final shot shows the two daughters together, coloring pictures for their daddies in a classroom with the message: "Please reconsider your War on Drugs.". Cole explained to Hartford, Connecticut radio station Hot 93.7: "The first half is depressed and like hell. J. Cole – Crooked Smile. 'Crooked Smile' is the theme song for the second half of the album.

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