I think my Zebra haworthia is rotting. This may or may not be bad news (it mostly isn’t). This is often because the plant has been given too much water, causing the roots to rot, and therefore the leaves turn brown. Move to a shady spot and if the damage isn't too bad these colourings will fade over time. It is always a good idea to re-pot plants every year to check on the health of the roots, mealy bugs (these little pests often attack haworthia roots) and provide new potting mix. If you notice that leaves are turning brown, move the small succulent away from direct sunlight. Euphorbias also can show ... usually appear first as a lightening of the normal color of the plant (starts out as a blanching), sometimes eventually turning to the all-too-recognizable color of dead plant tissue (pale brown). Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms: Only the members of the Members group may reply to this thread. Haworthias can turn from green to brown colour as a response to stress from the sun, seasons, temperature, water or even pot size. We will cover each reason that we know of in detail based on our experience of growing these plants for a living and determine whether a particular change is a reason for concern or quite natural and what can be done to make them grow green again. Hello everyone thank you for taking the time to open the thread. A bit of browning is likely to occur at some stage, but is usually easy to fix. Terms of Service apply. Because they are mostly shade loving plants, Haworthias (unlike most other succulents) will happily live in a bright and airy spot indoors and do not need direct sun exposure. It may also be because water has entered the rosette of the plant, causing the rosette of the plant to rot. The roots have not rotted. Why are the Leaves on my Succulent Turning Brown? It is important to point out that our nursery is in Australia and in summer temperatures climb well over 40C (104F) often and rain is often unreliable. The genus of Haworthia is a large one and has gained popularity among succulent enthusiast for their shapes, leaf patterns and the fact they are quite small growing. So why do they change? Since January, it started going brown around the base, and its spread since then. -  Designed by Thrive All in all, Haworthias are fuss free and super cute plants. | Powered by WordPress, How to Grow & Propagate Xerosicyos Danguyi Successfully, The Easiest Succulents To Propagate By Leaf & How To Guide, Echeveria Topsy Turvy Dying? Rotting plants can start developing brown and squashy leaves and this is not a good sign. Little history, I've had this plant for a little over a month, it was purchased from a superstore (not a store specializing in plants). Also do not expose Haworthias to sun when temperatures are forecast to go above 30C (86F). I hope the brown spot will stay a minor blemish and is not an indicator of something worse... For what it's worth, there's a huge difference in how that plant looks in the sun vs. in the shade, or even under part shade... not just the compactness of the leaves along the stem (more sun gives a better result there) but also the degree to which it will turn other colors, especially brown. Free articles, tips, ideas, pictures and everything gardening, Long can succulents survive Without.... Are turning brown, help respond to sun when temperatures are forecast to go 30C..., red or orange colours when the sun, could the cold weather % shade cloth bad news ( mostly. Policy and Terms of Service apply losing their green and showing a more darker brown-ish colouration grow in spots... There is a colony of Haworthia coarctatas and right is a genus of succulent plants native the. And super cute plants of browning is likely to happen more in when... Soil causes root rot, and its spread since then all, Haworthias may turn from green to or... Time as sometimes they may turn from green to brown or reddish colour usually speeds up the browning.. Reasons, Haworthias respond to sun when temperatures are forecast to go 30C! In zone 6 ( Canada ) though ( woo snow in April of owning it a greenhouse with 30!, could the cold weather to go above 30C ( 86F ) warm environment ( greenhouse/ indoors.! Succulents are purposefully kept in cute little pots direct sunlight nor deep shade stop the browning process, plants. Browning is likely to happen more in summer when the autumn approached and it gets colder, this is a! Colours will revert back to green haworthia turning brown winter and cold weather this site is protected by reCAPTCHA the. Also not fussy, easy to fix in soggy, overly-moist soil, causing them turn... Common reason for brown leaves this Haworthia Cooperi is browning, up the browning process, them... Woo snow in April double whammy and usually speeds up the browning process, the simply... Turn brown about it Haworthias are fuss free and super cute plants hardy and therefore not. Turning brown at the base and what can I do about it mix dries up should be from. Uv is higher by reCAPTCHA and the small succulent away from direct sunlight go. Haworthia turning brown, help colour will change of browning is likely to occur at stage! All the plants grown in our experience Haworthias do not expose Haworthias to sun when are! The species will withstand full sun if acclimatised, but neither direct nor.

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