The population density is 203 people / km2. 10. The main industries of this small European country are iron and steel, banking, food processing and chemicals. In this country, about 6,400 children are born each year (1.1% of the population), and about 4,100 people die (0.7% of the population). First started in 1644, they … ‘Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn is the motto of Luxembourg it means ‘We want to remain what we are’. cursor: pointer; Of the 109 identified castles in the Middle Ages, 76 have more or less survived the ravages of time. Men and women can retire at the age of 65. 153 people out of 1000 possess firearms. The country has 2 airports, 1 of the paved surface. The tax on goods and services is 17% (2018). 34. 19. The University of Luxembourg is the only university in the country. In this country, women having their first child on average 30.2 years old. The motto of the country – “We want to remain what we are.”. Luxembourgers usually are fluent in several languages. 10. 47. Fun facts and trivia about Luxembourg (Holland). In 1659, the Treaty of the Pyrenees granted France 409 square miles of Luxembourg’s original 6,648 square miles. The second partition occurred in 1815. Outside built-up areas, the permitted speed on the regular road is 90 km / h, and on fast-moving roads 130 km / h (110 km / h during rain). 1. The amount of income tax in Luxembourg is 28%. Luxembourg is a tiny country located in the Western Europe. Luxembourg is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. The population density is 218 people per km2. 2. The song mentions Luxembourg’s neighbors France, Belgium, and Germany, inviting them to visit while also declaring that the Luxembourgers wish to remain Luxembourgers. The last death penalty was carried out in 1949. 30 Finger Monkey Facts About The Worlds Smallest Monkey, 40 Mantis Shrimp Facts That Will Strike You With Awe, 100 Interesting Facts That Will Boggle Your Mind, 300 Random Facts No One Knows What To Do With, 100 Nutrition Facts To An Easier And Healthier Lifestyle, 100 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind, 300 WTF Facts That Will Make You Question Everything, 300 Weird Facts That Will Confuse And Amaze You At The Same Time, 100 Did You Know Facts Most People Have Never Heard About, Government: Constitutional monarchy with democratic parliament, Government: Luxembourg Is the world’s only grand duchy, Size: Luxembourg Covers an Area of 1,607 Square Miles, Geography: Luxembourg Is landlocked in Europe, Language: Luxembourg recognizes 3 official languages, GDP: Luxembourg has the world’s highest GDP per capita, Politics: Luxembourg was a founding member of the EU, Religion: Luxembourg Is a secular state with a Christian majority, History: Luxembourg Was home to 3 Holy Roman Emperors, Luxembourg motto: We Want to Remain What We Are, Luxembourg Is 75% Smaller Than It Was in 1659, The European Court of Justice Is in Luxembourg, The Grand Duke and Duchess have 4 princes and a princess. Your email address will not be published. 17 Lively Facts about Luxembourg City Paypal, Rovi Corpration, Amazon and Rakuten have their European headquarters in Luxembourg. 15. 4. In 1839 after signing the Treaty of London the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was declared independent in union with the Netherlands. a.twitter-follow { 81. It is one of the most civilized countries in the world. 3. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Palace Guards at the Palace of the Grand Duke in Luxembourg. background-image: url('/wp-content/themes/cassiopeia/assets/icons/facebook-icon.svg'); 6. 1. Luxembourg is a quarter of the size it used to be, thanks to war and political partitioning in the 17th and 19th centuries. Luxembourg is the world’s only Grand Duchy. 40. In 2018, the average monthly salary in this country is 5 300 €. There are 17 kilometers (over ten and a half miles) of underground tunnels under The Bock that are cut through solid rock beneath Luxembourg City. In this country, according to statistics, there are no people over 15 years of age who can not read or write. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, 97 Interesting and Fun Facts about Lithuania, 83 Interesting and Fun Facts about Macedonia. 18 years of age; universal and compulsory, "Ons Heemecht" (Our Motherland); "De Wilhelmus" (The William), National Day (Birthday of Grand Duke HENRI), 23 June, grassy plains and wooded hills east of Rio Paraguay; Gran Chaco region west of Rio Paraguay mostly low, marshy plain near the river, and dry forest and thorny scrub elsewhere, iron ore (no longer exploited), arable land, banking and financial services, construction, real estate services, iron, metals, and steel, information technology, telecommunications, cargo transportation and logistics, chemicals, engineering, tires, glass, aluminum, tourism, biotechnology. Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the entire world. After having been annexed by France in 1795, Luxembourg was granted independence in 1814 by the Treaty of Paris after Napoleon was defeated. Good manners dictate you must always take gifts along if invited to someone’s Luxembourg home, usually good chocolates or flowers for the hostess. With these 50 interesting facts about Luxembourg, let’s learn more about its: history, culture, people, economy, flag, cuisine, traditions; and some random facts. The largest wine list in the world is currently at Restaurant Chiggeri with 1,746 options in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg! 8. 13. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. A Grand Duchy is a territory or state that is ruled by a duchess or grand duke. Luxembourg is a small landlocked country, located in Western Europe. The work week is 40 hours. 11. Of all the countries in the European Union, Luxembourg is the least populated. 2. Luxembourg facts show that while the monarchical head of the Luxembourg government is called a Grand Duke or a Grand Duchess, the children of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess are called princes and princesses. The average IQ level is 100. It was originally the private park of a steel baron. Troisvierges is the highest located city in the country. When eating out with others in Luxembourg, table manners are formal and you must have good ones at all times.

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