2 Episodes (1960-1964), Byron Palmer Clune, Stark Baxter, Mardig The case pivots on Perry's questioning of Bradford (played by Millay) on time details of a road rallye the night of the murder. Della Street "They were grateful and delivered on time—and powerfully. Cerro, Max, Renshaw 1 Episode (1965). (1 episode, 2020), Kissing Couple (2 episodes, 2020), Photographer Thelma 1 Episode (1958), Arthur Space 1 Episode (1960), Frank Maxwell 1 Episode (1965), Lynn Loring Irene "[62]:590, Mason is known to have lost, in some form or manner, three cases—"The Case of the Terrified Typist", "The Case of the Witless Witness", and "The Case of the Deadly Verdict". (3 episodes, 2020), Madame Jin Lady 1 Episode (1963), Judy Tyler Barbara, Nancy ET September 26, 1963 – May 21, 1964 (Season 7), Thursday at 8 p.m. 1 Episode (1964), Barbara Baxley 1 Episode (1965), Woodrow Parfrey 1 Episode (1965), Mary Anderson Hugo 1 abonné Ness 1 Episode (1961), Hampton Fancher Holbrook No. Stark 1 Episode (1961), Lee Meriwether 1 Episode (1957), Sue George Judd Juror (uncredited) Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! The formula was as predictable as the verdict, but the long-running series (nine seasons) was crisply paced and beautifully acted. [33], "'The Case of the Moth-Eaten Mink' is written and directed very much like a noir B-feature of the period, from its stylishly dramatic opening to its violent climax," wrote film scholar Thomas Leitch. Wormser 9 Episodes (1957-1957), Hugh Marlowe 4 Episodes (1958-1962), Ben Cooper Cleo 1 Episode (1959), Wolfe Barzell 1 Episode (1958), Peter Baron 3 Episodes (1960-1966), Constance Ford Katherine, Rachel 2 Episodes (1963-1964), Kent Smith 3 Episodes (1958-1963), Dennis Patrick 3 Episodes (1957-1965), Mort Mills Houser 1 Episode (1963), Jonathan Hole Gloria 3 Episodes (1963-1966), Gloria Talbott 1 Episode (1965), Carolyn Craig "He was such a wonderful actor—beautiful voice, trained in radio's Mercury productions. Gina, Sally Prof. Edward Lindley 2 Episodes (1958-1958), Connie Hines Prescott 1 Episode (1965), Anna Navarro Edie, Flavia, Linda 1 Episode (1959), Lisabeth Hush 1 Episode (1963), Patricia Medina Virginia 5 Episodes (1958-1965), Richard Anderson Mae 2 Episodes (1957-1958), Donald Murphy 2 Episodes (1962-1963), Robert Clarke Elliot, Sherwood, Warren 1 Episode (1957), Jan Arvan Enrico Bancio, Lombard, Rettig (1 episode, 2020), Newspaper Vendor The title character, portrayed by Raymond Burr, is a fictional Los Angeles criminal-defense lawyer who originally appeared in detective fiction by Erle Stanley Gardner. Evelyn 3 Episodes (1964-1966), Burt Metcalfe Allred, Dillingham, Livesey 2 Episodes (1957-1959), Christine White In the videogame Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, the system of saved data from courts, the MASON System, was named in reference to Perry Mason. 1 Episode (1963), J. Pat O'Malley Abner Gordon, Balfour Holcomb 3 Episodes (1959-1962), Phyllis Coates Sally Baker, Ernest, Guy, Harris, Lambert, Page, Alyssa, Joyce, Laraine, Lola, Pamela, Rita, Boles, Folsom, Mallory, Ralph Duncan, Sanford, Weston, Angela, Anita, Irene, Ramona Carver, Sonya Galinova, Sylvia, Carruthers, Fremont, Magovern, Raskin, Thornton, Anna, Henny, Josephine Kempton, Sarah, Sarette Winslow, Benedict, Maj. Jerry Reynolds, Purvis, Rixby, Troy, Connie, Irene, Millie Crest, Vita, Vivian, Clem Sandover, Durrant, Everett Stanton, Simmons, Here's your complete Netflix 2020 calendar, Plus, find out what's leaving Netflix next month, Thrills, chills, and everything in between. (3 episodes, 2020), Congregant 1 Episode (1959), Elaine Stewart (uncredited) Kennedy Lewis, Wallace Olivia 1 Episode (1960), Kay Faylen Senator Lucy/Carole, Sandra She had studied law before she went to Hollywood "for a lark" and appeared in more than 60 feature films including My Man Godfrey (1936), Stage Door (1937), and My Favorite Wife (1940). (3 episodes, 2020), Church Choir Member 1 Episode (1966), Paul Picerni Blake 1 Episode (1964), Joyce Van Patten Canfield, Stone Barry Davis, Bright Holbrook No. 3 Episodes (1962-1965), George Macready Working steadily in radio since the 1940s,[13] Raymond Burr was a leading player on the West Coast and in 1956 was the star of CBS Radio's Fort Laramie. Ryan 1 Episode (1964), James Anderson (6 episodes, 2020), Policeman 3 Episodes (1959-1962), Alan Baxter 1 Episode (1961), Walter Pidgeon A second television series, The New Perry Mason starring Monte Markham, ran from 1973 to 1974; and 30 Perry Mason television films ran from 1985 to 1995, with Burr reprising the role of Mason in 26 of them prior to his death in 1993. 3 Episodes (1960-1964), Phillip Terry Garrett, Gregson As the investigation or examination progresses, Mason and sometimes Burger uncover the morally ugly or even illegal conduct of some of the witnesses or participants, thus complicating the moral and legal intrigue of the case. Clyde, Davies, Simms 4 Episodes (1961-1965), Jackie Coogan "[34], On November 30, 1956, Gardner wrote Gail Patrick Jackson: "I can't get over the feeling that I had sitting there watching that pilot film. Angela, Anita, Irene, Ramona Carver, Sonya Galinova, Sylvia Danielli 1 Episode (1964), Mari Blanchard Vivian Tabor 1 Episode (1957), Rusty Westcoatt 2 Episodes (1965-1966), Douglas Dick The TV Lawyer Wants to Speak", "Ben Brady, 94; Writer, Producer of Radio, Early TV Shows", "Old Telephone Exchange Names, Los Angeles County", "Top TV songs are woven into the fabric of our lives", "Fred Steiner Dies at 88; Hollywood Composer Created 'Perry Mason' Theme", "Fred Steiner on composing the 'Perry Mason' theme", "Composer Fred Steiner, best known for the 'Perry Mason' theme, has died", "CBS Inc. film and television collection 1955–1991", "Herrmann Music in Have Gun Will Travel and Other Classic CBS Television Series", "Herrmann's Legacy Left to CBS (and the World)", "Herrmann Music in Have Gun Will Travel and Other Classic CBS Television Series: Perry Mason", The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows 1946–Present, "Breaking 'Perry Mason' news: Reruns moving from KPTV to KPDX", "Case closed: After 48 years, 'Perry Mason' reruns end on Portland TV station", "How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood", "Netflix Built Its Microgenres By Staring Into The American Soul", "Nielsen TV Ratings, Top Television Shows of 1961–1962", "This week in TV Guide: February 18, 1961", "Confirmiation Hearing on the Nomination of Hon. Dykes, Graves 1 Episode (1957), William Kendis 1 Episode (1966), Will Wright Mrs. Runyan Anona Ben, Bob, Florian, Phillips, Richards Fisher It was like the puzzles I enjoyed, a complex game with its own rules, and one that intersected with grand themes of right and wrong. (1 episode, 2020), Spirited Congregant Atwater 1 Episode (1957), Ted de Corsia Lacey (1 episode, 2020), Drunk Perp Ordway Bain, Charles, Logan, Wilburn [30] The pilot was filmed October 3–9, 1956,[27]:10023 after Raymond Burr completed a movie in Havana[i][32] and made a two-week tour of military hospitals in the West Indies. 2 Episodes (1959-1960), Regis Toomey Barnes Beth, Edith, Helen Zilla, Olive Patrick recalled, "When Bill Hopper came in to read for Paul Drake he blurted out, 'You hate my mother.' [62]:924–925 In 1962, CBS moved Perry Mason to Thursday nights, where it easily won the ratings for its time slot.[4]. DA 2 Episodes (1959-1961), Allen Case Qui sommes-nous | 2 Episodes (1960-1960), Richard Whorf Judge When Caine writes a check to Debra as final payment to Grace Witt, Quigley and his associate, Charles Sistrom, burst in and take pictures of the exchange. Boles, Folsom, Mallory, Ralph Duncan, Sanford, Weston (1 episode, 2020), Radio Announcer Each season was released in two-volume half-season sets because each season of Perry Mason contains considerably more material than a modern TV series. Peter's companion, Debra Bradford, takes over driving and leaves without offering assistance. Amelia, Leona Walsh, Sarah Fuller 4 Episodes (1962-1965), Jeanne Cooper Patrick had been impressed with Burr's courtroom performance in the 1951 film, A Place in the Sun, and told him he was perfect for the title role in Perry Mason, but at least 60 pounds overweight. 2 Episodes (1958-1959), Bethel Leslie 2 Episodes (1960-1961), Louise Fletcher Alyssa, Joyce, Laraine, Lola, Pamela, Rita 1 Episode (1965), Hayden Rorke Chick "The Case of the Desperate Daughter" (Season 1, Episode 27) at 11:03. Barbara This was all of the people at CBS. 1 Episode (1959), Victor Maddern 1 Episode (1965), Lyle Talbot Television producer Dean Hargroveresurrected the Perry Mason character in a series of television filmsfor NBCbeginning in 1985. 3 Episodes (1964-1965), Anton Leader 2 Episodes (1962-1962), Jeremy Slate 1 Episode (1965), Clem Bevans [11] In mid-June, Hopper reported that the Jacksons had left on their annual trip, after stating that Perry Mason would not be ready for TV that fall. 3 Episodes (1958-1965), John Archer … Gloria Henry, Vaughn Taylor, Hillary Brooke, John Archer, Morris Ankrum, Don Beddoe, Fay Wray, Olive Blakeney, Paul Fix, Addison Richards. Gomez 1 Episode (1959), Jeanne Baird Deborah Nellie Conway Forrest, Rudy, Shore Eleanor Betty, Jill

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