It depends on what you call child abuse. Maybe once the Chris Brown documentary gets taken off Netflix, then I’ll have a bit more hope. That was the night it hit me: Oh, that’s what that was. St. Joseph by A Loss For Words, such a great song. It was much easier to get pissed off about my friend’s experience. It just came out. Did I have fear about saying who the song was about? It rippled out from there, word of mouth in the scene, and he stopped playing shows. Inspired by the now-classic feminist blockbuster Thelma & Louise, the a cappella story-song details a version of Amos’ own violent rape at 21. Try Ramshackle Glory's "More About Alcoholism.". Women would get emotional or hug me after. I burnt the letter on my balcony. The reason I decided to come forward was because their bravery inspired me. We pulled up to a venue in Vancouver, where we’d never played before, and there was a man waiting for me outside. My sister has a story like this. She assaulted me, basically. My best friend does. “You can’t put yourself in a position to be neglected and disrespected.”. When I got to his house, he was really drunk. Women have to walk around with that baggage every fucking day because someone else was an asshole? I realized that’s what she’d been made to do by her family. “As I was writing it, it was almost aspirational,” Hendricks tells me. I remember walking into the pub and feeling ashamed, like, “All these people have lost this great musician that they can’t see play anymore, and that’s my fault.” I kept trying to remind myself it’s not my fault, he’s the one who fucked up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I just had to keep going. An apology would have meant something when I first told him, but it doesn’t mean anything now that he got caught. If I’m supporting a huge artist in front of 10,000 people who’ve never heard of me and it’s like 5 in the afternoon, and they’re just having a picnic, I’m not going to fucking play that song. He played in this really cool band—they weren’t successful, but everyone would pack out the front bar of a pub in Melbourne to watch them. Combined with hip-hop’s history of casually glorifying misogyny and violence against women, this creates a musical environment where honest dialogue about sexual assault seems even more difficult to achieve. The catalyst for the song was a friend of mine; something happened to her at the hands of a guy I didn’t know but who was known in our friend circle. One of them had to physically block her. In the rap and R&B anti-assault anthems of the ’90s, the message was more about empowerment and fighting back. share. I really wrestled with whether I wanted to directly address what some of these songs are about. Not hardcore but has the subject matter you’re looking for. “Take it from me, don’t be a victim of society,” Lopes says during a spoken-word passage. And it came out in a linear fashion—exactly how I’m singing it, that’s how the event happened. I was road-tripping with one of my best friends, and at one point she basically just said, “Have I ever told you about my abuse?” It was extremely powerful because I thought I knew everything about this person, but I had no idea about this thing that shaped every move they make. "Run" by Ignite sound like exactly what you're looking for. St. Joseph by A Loss For Words, such a great song. Georgia McDonald: A few years ago, I had an experience with this guy who was always super intense and pressure-y. I don’t like that.” And then he’d be like, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry”—but still do it again, go another step further. A gunshot to the head of trepidation - trivium. Even though St. Patty’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, we doubt that will keep some of you from going out and going hard. It was brutal. “I am trusting, well adjusted/Marked me dormant, I erupted,” Eva Hendricks sings of her journey as a survivor of partner abuse on this highlight from Charly Bliss’ second album. I thought, “This is a message from the universe.”. The amount of people sharing their stories in a way that wasn’t an accusation was so overwhelming, it was impossible to ignore. And then, the other side of it was in certain meetings, watching men’s energy switch, or watching men tense up. Art is not created in a vacuum. She was very unstable. Finally he was asleep, and I was wide awake, just staring at the ceiling thinking, “I need to get out of here.” So I drove home. I was 21, touring with my band at the time, me and two dudes. I can’t do that. It’s inescapable. Pissed off, scared, broken—those are the emotions typically associated with songs about sexual assault. Jessie Reyez: I’d be lying if I told you that there was a blueprint to writing this song. Riot grrrls ended up being pigeonholed by the mainstream press as “combat-boot-wearing man-haters, angry rape and incest survivors, former sex workers, and caricatures of girlhood,” as one recent remembrance put it. “See you on a dark night,” she whispers in the chorus, a line that haunts—and maybe comforts—anyone who’s ever been followed home. I had to block her on every social. I wrote the guitar bit for “The Face of God,” and then words just started coming. Couldn’t songs function in this way too, inspiring others to quietly come forward? Ten days after Hill first testified against her former boss and soon-to-be Supreme Court justice, a young singer-songwriter named Tori Amos released “Me and a Gun” as the first single from her solo debut, Little Earthquakes. Something that’s really confusing about being assaulted by your partner is that there’s this feeling of blame. His band hasn’t played since. In the next few months, just coincidentally, I had conversations with other people I knew about their abuse. On Bikini Kill’s 1991 demo, Revolution Girl Style Now, amid disturbing confessions of abuse at the hands of a father figure, is a seething song called “Liar” that condemns men who rape and then paint women as the uncredible ones. After including the song on her 2017 EP Kiddo, Reyez released an accompanying short film that recreated the night in question. She initially declined to say who inspired the track, but after two women came forward in May 2018 with graphic allegations of rape and physical abuse at the hands of that same man, producer Noel “Detail” Fisher, Reyez confirmed his identity. Working in the late-’70s feminist punk tradition of the Raincoats and Kleenex, bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, and Heavens to Betsy critiqued the white male capitalist patriarchy, demanded sexual autonomy, and railed against the normalization of sexual violence against women (or what we now call rape culture). “It’s always the song that people dance the most to, and scream along to,” she says. I would see women tear up. Things started happening and I told him to stop; he was like, “Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.” But then he’d do the same thing and take it a step further. I also had a hard time saying I almost got raped. Request: Any Hardcore Punk Songs About (Against, Obviously) Child Abuse? In fact, the more insidious and less noticed abuse is the emotional and mental kind. Whether it was true empathy or an eye for tragedy that led the media to over-extend the victim narrative, the framing was a sign of the times; these days, artists who share their stories of abuse are more likely to be thought of as brave survivors. Don’t reply to this.” He didn’t. It's about a friend of the band dying from drug abuse. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That hurt the most. It’s not hardcore but does “we’re a happy family” by the Ramones count? Yeah, I had a lot of fear because I was just getting started in the industry. So I played the song and at the end I looked down. Thinking that I’d be someone who could clear their name was just so, so fucked up. Liz Phair, 'F*** and Run' (1993) Phair's album-length rejoinder to carelessly sexist indie rockers, Exile … I guess in somewhat of the same vein as DGD and Thrice (As in, music with screaming), Engine 45 by The Ghost Inside is an awesome song about addiction. So if you’re not willing to do this, quit.” I was like, “Maybe I’m just chasing something that’s not meant for me.”. Activism, Identity Politics, and Pop’s Great Awokening, How Indie Went Pop—and Pop Went Indie—in the 2010s, Rethinking Appropriation and Wokeness in Pop Music, Courtney Barnett, Alice Bag, Kathleen Hanna, More Appear on New, Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued for 2015 Sexual Assault of a Minor, Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh testimonies, twice dismissed Kath’s defamation lawsuit. It started for me in late 2015, when Lady Gaga released “Til It Happens to You,” a big, ballad-y call for survivor empathy. I acknowledge what I’ve done. I had to stop her and say that she didn’t need to justify herself. She’s a really physically beautiful person, much older than me, so at the time I thought of it like, “Oh, this beautiful person is giving me this attention, I slept with this pretty girl.”. She was stopped by women of all walks of life in the ensuing years—powerful women living in shame, women in the Middle East who listened in secret, young girls who showed up frightened and alone to her shows. At one point she talked about being raped by a close friend who was an outspoken activist for women’s rights. “Me and a Gun” wasn’t a hit but, coupled with its sister-song B-side “Silent All These Years,” it transformed Amos into a beacon of hope for trauma-stricken listeners everywhere.

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