I am following Hitchcock, considering the form to be without taxonomic significance. (Sporobolus cryptandrus) Sand dropseed is a widely distributed native bunchgrass grass adapted throughout Southern Great Plains and the Southwest. fusciola, Sporobolus cryptandru Warm season, drought tolerant, perennial bunchgrass adapted to most soils but thrives on sandy sites. scabridulous; flag blades nearly perpendicular to the culms. Leaf tips are often inrolled. Most of our plants have spikelets 2-3 mm in an exserted panicle with spreading branches; these have been called var. All rights reserved. Panicles Culms 30-100(120) cm tall, 1-3.5 mm thick, erect This treatment is the best overall. 2n = 36, 38, 72. Substituting 28 days cold stratification for the acid treatment gives an average of 81.8% versus 90.8% for the acid (Toole 1941). For vascular plants occurring in wildlands or otherwise outside of cultivation in California, the Jepson eFlora contains taxonomic treatments, distribution maps, illustrations, photographs, and … Dry, especially sandy soil; widespread in w. and c. U.S. and nearby Can. Perennials, Terrestrial, not aquatic, Stems nodes swollen or brittle, Stems erect or ascending, Stems caespitose, tufted, or clustered, Stems terete, round in cross section, or polygonal, Stem internodes hollow, Stems with inflorescence less than 1 m tall, Stems, culms, or scapes exceeding basal leaves, Leaves mostly cauline, Leaves conspicuously 2-ranked, distichous, Leaves sheathing at base, Leaf sheath mostly open, or loose, Leaf sheath smooth, glabrous , Leaf sheath hairy, hispid or prickly, Leaf sheath hairy at summit, throat, or collar, Leaf sheath and blade differentiated, Leaf blades linear, Leaf blades 2-10 mm wide, Leaf blade margins folded, involute, or conduplicate, Leaf blades mostly glabrous, Leaf blades more or less hairy, Leaf blades scabrous, roughened, or wrinkled, Ligule present, Ligule a fringe of hairs, Inflorescence terminal, Inflorescence an open panicle, openly paniculate, branches spreading, Inflorescence solitary, with 1 spike, fascicle, glomerule, head, or cluster per stem or culm, Inflorescence branches more than 10 to numerous, Flowers bisexual, Spikelets pedicellate, Spikelets laterally compressed, Inflorescence or spikelets partially hidden in leaf sheaths, subtended by spatheole, Spikelet less than 3 mm wide, Spikelets with 1 fertile floret, Spikelets solitary at rachis nodes, Spikelets all alike and fertille, Spikelets bisexual, Spikelets disarticulating above the glumes, glumes persistent, Rac hilla or pedicel glabrous, Glumes present, empty bracts, Glumes 2 clearly present, Glumes distinctly unequal, Glumes shorter than adjacent lemma, Glumes 1 nerved, Lemmas thin, chartaceous, hyaline, cartilaginous, or membranous, Lemma similar in texture to glumes, Lemma 1 nerved, Lemma glabrous, Lemma apex acute or acuminate, Lemma awnless, Lemma straight, Palea present, well developed, Palea membranous, hyaline, Palea about equal to lemma, Palea 2 nerved or 2 keeled, Stamens 3, Styles 2-fid, deeply 2-branched, Stigmas 2, Fruit - caryopsis, Caryopsis ellipsoid, longitudinally grooved, hilum long-linear.

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