The author once used willpower to quit cigarettes for six months of “sheer purgatory” before he caved. The worst thing we ever suffer from is fear, and the greatest gain you will receive is to be rid of that fear. The terrible frustration of chain smokers: even when you are smoking you feel like something is missing. Given that you’re planning to stop smoking - being told to “carry on” for a little longer is probably a little confusing…but no doubt music to your ears. You can do it. Only the indecision and moping makes it hard. Don’t envy smokers — pity them. When they actually try to stop, they realize there’s a problem. The only time the cigarette becomes precious is when we are trying to cut down or abstain or when society tries to force us to stop. You don’t, because you’re waiting for something to happen, and nothing will happen…you’re really just waiting to see how long it is until you give in again. Carr smoked for 33 years, 60–100 cigarettes per day. He encourages you to continue smoking while reading the book. “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-Smokers Using Allen Carr’s Easyway Method” is an extraordinary and insightful book if you are very serious about quitting smoking. You need to build up resistance to this brainwashing. If you haven’t smoked in the past few days – there is no need to do so – other than that – please do carry on smoking as normal while you make your way through this app.AN ADDED BONUSThis app is proudly supported by Allen Carr’s worldwide network of stop smoking clinics. Millions already have. In truth, nicotine addicts are NEVER completely relaxed, and it gets worse as life goes on. Smokers don’t enjoy smoking or want to do it. Our bodies tell us the truth: they were not designed to smoke. I’m free! I had to download another app for that. Then you weigh the pros and cons and realize you should stop. Allen smoked a hundred cigs a day for decades before discovering the secret to convincing smokers to quit. Don’t ask “How will I survive without the cigarette?” but “how did I survive being a smoker all these years?”, Remove all smoking paraphernalia from your house. If you try to stop smoking without removing your desire to smoke, then quitting will be extremely hard. If you keep kidding yourself like that, you’ll be trapped for life. Now your mind is obsessed with smoking, becasue of your insecurity. There are not ANY advantages from smoking. Because: Remove brainwashing: replace fear with facts, see the cigarette for what it purely is (nicotine delivery device) and remove the belief that you need or want to smoke. The main delusion of smokers is that smoking relieves stress. I first read the book and quit for a couple of weeks. There is really nothing to give up. The main difficulty of smoking is not the chemical addiction, but the brainwashing. The moment you stop smoking, everything that goes wrong in your life is blamed on the fact that you’ve stopped smoking. The real problem is explaining why people smoke in the first place. Non-smokers aren’t deprived. The challenge is to see through the brainwashing that cigarettes are an all-purpose stress reliever/stimulant/relaxant/comforter/friend, and see the truth: it’s a drug delivery device, like a heroin syringe. Most attempts are doomed before they start. Smokers don’t just go through withdrawal when they’re trying to quit — they go through withdrawal throughout their smoking lives, and it’s the desire to relieve these withdrawal feelings that creates the feeling that you need to smoke. Now: Smoke your final cigarette consciously, inhale deeply and ask where the pleasure is. Smokers go all night without smoking. You start smoking again. Twenty-five years ago, Carr found himself tortured by his five-pack-a-day smoking habit.

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