Maybe I had assumed too much. What if they’re not actually in London, but in America. Basically Chris, is assisting the police department in a double homicide. Triangle, Predestination, Primer, Arq, Stay, are all good places to start. As the film opens, we’re in a world familiar from British cop dramas. That’s the premise of British actor-turned-director Gareth Tunley’s debut “The Ghoul,” a haunting psychological drama that initially comes on like a down-to-earth cop mystery that may or may not have a logical explanation, but soon takes a left turn into stranger territory. That he hears things that just can’t exist on a normal logical plane of human existence. At the beginning Chris talks about a car crash. But the interesting thing about this murder is that the two people that were killed didn’t fall down dead until after the murderer fled the scene. For example, after partying with those guys, before Chris wakes up with Maria, he somehow sees a vision of himself being on a wreck on the M1. I was sorry to see depressives, who are not violent, being depicted as violent. The Ghoul is so low budget it is considered a micro-budget film. Movies that fester and go sceptic are more my style. He even tells his first psychotherapist that he has these fantasies that he likes to help the cops out. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. I don’t think he was ever a cop but he is most definitely The Ghoul. I’d recommend it and give it a 5 or 6 on a scale of 10! And so is your hell theory too! What were your thoughts on The Ghoul? It isn’t the best mind job movie I have seen… heck, I’ve seen better in the last month. As the movie opens we follow Chris, as he makes his way into a crime investigation. Despite the title, “The Ghoul” is not a horror movie — rather, it’s scary in the manner of David Lynch films, with the chills coming from a nightmarish repurposing of the mundane or suburban. Alchemists that have figured out a way to become eternal?!? Anyway, I think that he used to be a cop and just went Stark raving mad! The Invitation Movie Discussed with Phil Hay and Explained, The Definitive Tenet Timeline Infographic, Tenet Movie Walkthrough for Patreon Subscribers, Possessor Mindjob Movie Unpacked and Discussed, Your New Favorite Time Traveler 2067 Explained, Exam Movie Review, Explanation and Interview with Stuart Hazeldine. I’m sure even you won’t be confused by “Hulk, Smash”….then again….. Strong reactions out of early U.K. fest screenings for the yet-to-be-acquired title — given an additional profile boost by the attachment of Ben Wheatley as executive producer — suggest a bid for a wider audience could reap rewards for an enterprising distributor. Case closed? Love to hear about it in the comments! First time writer/director Gareth Tunley marshals the meagre resources of this micro-budget psychological thriller and creates a pleasingly perplexing enigma of a movie. Problems w/ Theory #1: Well, there shouldn’t be problems with this theory because it’s how we are told it happens. Is There a Reasonable Big Bad Wolves Explanation?? Looking for films to check out? Movie Shadow in the Clouds Recommendation, Diabolically Disturbing Dogtooth Discussed and Digested. That his attempt to play it off like he’s going under cover to help the cops is just a ploy to convince himself he isn’t nuts. Because ‘merica. I’d tell you other movies like it, but it’d give the movie away in a heart beat, and how about let’s not do that, quite yet anyway. I enjoyed wondering where we were going and why we were here. Tunley achieves this brilliantly through several standout scenes – Paul Kaye delivers an electrifying monologue about a drug deal gone bad that jolts the jittery energy up a notch.

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