This is the case with "The Graduate," In which Mike Nichols announces himself as a major new director. A disillusioned college graduate finds himself torn between his older lover and her daughter. He gets a hero's welcome from his parents but Ben isn't quite sure what to do with the rest of his life. He never explains for the slow-witted. He never apologizes. You can appreciate why Benjamin would feel so ill at ease. At the beginning of the movie, we see Benjamin staring into the fish tank in his bedroom, which contains a miniature statue of a scuba diver. But in the direct style of new British directors, the audience is the target of the joke, and the funny events do not happen in the movie -- they are the movie. Although the world should be his oyster, Ben is instead in a state of extreme anxiety as he has no idea what to do with his life, which is made all the more difficult since everybody asks him what he plans on doing or tells him what he should do. His family and their social circle demand that he perform in the role of Successful Young Upward-Venturing Clean-Cut All-American College Grad. Missus Robinson seduces Benjamin into an affair. When Benjamin arrives at his parents’ lavish Pasadena mansion, he finds they’re throwing a party, ostensibly in his honour, though everyone present is at least twice his age. It is funny, not because of sight gags and punch lines and other tired rubbish, but because it has a point of view. It’s still The Graduate, soon to be back in cinemas and just as alluring, sophisticated and as emotionally unsettling as an affair with your parents’ best friend would be. If ever there were a film to unite the warring generations in mutual self-pity, here it is. Benjamin Braddock has just finished college and, back at his parents' house, he's trying to avoid the one question everyone keeps asking: What does he want to do with his life? The grownups didn’t get it, because the grownups never do, but Turman and Nichols had enough personal affinity with the material to carry it through. In the age of lacklustre “adulting”, The Graduate must be even more welcome. Yet whether the young are excluded from their parents’ party by economic barriers or cultural ones, there is always room for a coming-of-age film that asks: what is so good about growing up? Young people were making their voices heard in politics and revealing the widening chasm between themselves and their parents’ generation. Otherwise, "The Graduate" is a success and Benjamin's acute honesty and embarrassment are so accurately drawn that we hardly know whether to laugh or to look inside ourselves. So we get Jerry Lewis mugging. Benjamin Braddock returns home to California after successfully completing college. Miss Ross, a newcomer previously seen in "Games," not only creates a character with depth and honesty, but is so attractive that now we know how Ann-Margret would have looked if she had turned out better. “Different,” replies Ben. “I said: ‘Did you see this week’s Time? That is to say, it is against something. An unexpected diversion crops up when he is seduced by Mrs. Robinson, a bored housewife and friend of his parents. He is caught between adolescence and adulthood searching for the meaning of his upper middle class suburban world of his parents. What is that mood, that emotion? Soon, they are meeting regularly in hotel rooms. Writing in US weekly the Saturday Review later that same year, the film critic Hollis Alpert recalled how “lines extended around the corner all the way down the block, much like those at the Radio City Music during holiday periods – except that the people waiting for the next showing were not family groups but mostly young people in their teens and early 20s … it was as though they all knew they were going to see something good, something made for them.”. "The Graduate," the funniest American comedy of the year, is inspired by the free spirit which the young British directors have brought into their movies.

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