St. Januarius’ blood has liquefied annually for hundreds of years. Traditional portrait of Saint Januarius. There have been times when Saint Januarius’ blood has failed to liquefy and disaster struck. Around the Cathedral there are a lot of devotees, believers, curious onlookers, and tourists. His believers throughout the world quickly came forward and forced the Catholic Church to maintain San Gennaro’s stature. Believers consider this phenomenon a miraclebut if liquefaction doesn’t happen, this event is considered “baleful”. St Januarius, or San Gennaro, was martyred during the persecutions of Diocletian around 305 CE. Several theories have surfaced, including some in more recent times. “È liquido?” Is it liquid? As skeptics sadly continue to doubt the first event, so many believers may be tempted to disregard the second. © 2009-2020 Historic Mysteries. Italian Franciscans also staffed the Church of the Most Precious Blood, which would become the home of the Festival of San Gennaro. It was almost unbearable that the priests knew whether the blood had liquefied and we would have to wait. The crowd gave it up, cheering and clapping and crying. Indeed, people remember when in 1980 the blood of St. Gennaro hasn’t dissolved; this was the year of a terrible earthquake…. It is believed that Januarius was born in Benevento, northeast of Naples, in the 3rd century CE. The blood solidified (or rather gooified), but didn’t remain so: three times almost every year for centuries, a miracle occurs— the blood in the vial liquefies. All comments must directly address the article. No lengthy rants or block quotes. Organized Crime (Mafia). The same miter, covered by gold and precious stones, looks like God Mithra’s one. The people of Naples rather have a personal than religious relationship with San Gennaro. He feels fortunate to have been able to visit many of the ancient wonders that he read about in history books. They represent a recently gentrified section of the northern end of Little Italy that now calls itself (or markets itself) as the Nolita district (North of Little Italy). Never Say Never: Why I'm Voting for Trump, Blessed Charles of Austria: The Indivisible Emperor. This article is written by Katherine Wilson, an American writer who has been living in Naples for years, capturing the most particular and profound aspects, and describing them in her books through her very own personal and "american" point of view.In Katherine Wilson works you will discover all that curious things that can happen only in Naples. Nowhere is this more the case than in Naples, and no saint is as untouchable as San Gennaro. Also, Campi Flegrei, a volcano in the western portion of Naples, erupted, creating a new caldera named Monte Nuovo (New Mountain). Prayers are said by the people, begging that the miracle may take place, while a group of poor women, known as the "zie di San Gennaro" (aunts of St. Januarius), make themselves specially conspicuous by the fervour, and sometimes, when the miracle is delayed, by the extravagance, of their supplications. Both studies confirmed that the contents of the vial were consistent with hemoglobin. There are hundreds of records of the liquefaction dating from the 16th Century. The believers pray in the hope that the miracle blood liquefies once again. Certainly, we can say that this phenomenon remains in the middle between faith and magic, unreal and real, but St. Gennaro is the Patron of Naples and in these days everyone are waiting for the “miracle” with typical Neapolitan folklore and a kind of respect for the blood of Saint, patron of the city. Faithful, concerned Catholics have done much in recent years to promote a culture of life, but beyond opposition to grave moral evils such as birth control, abortion and euthanasia, the Catholic culture of life all too often looks like a pale reflection of simply the least offensive aspects of modern secular American culture. Historic Mysteries is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. Many penitents would walk barefoot and show signs of self-inflicted wounds. Jim has always had a strong passion for travel, archaeology, and history.   Naples, disputed San Gennaro: the deputation does not want the bishops and announces battle. Feast of San Gennaro, Crescenzio Sepe, was greeted by a long applause from the faithful who crowd the Cathedral of Naples from the early hours of the morning. (As the competition between the saints is ferocious, the women have to reassure him that he’s their guy.). With the explosion of Italian immigration in the last decades of the nineteenth century, the number of Italian “national” parishes multiplied. According to the legend a woman collected and kept some of the martyr’s blood in an ampoule, after he died. A Net Inceptions project. And there I was worried and lacking in faith. Historic Mysteries provides captivating articles on archaeology, history, and unexplained mysteries. The Feast of St Januarius or San Gennaro is celebrated on 19 September in the calendar of the Catholic Church. Shortly after this, traditional prayers of the “parenti di San Gennaro“ (relatives of San Gennaro, a group of faithful women, sitting in the front row) are said. We followed the procession, led by the vial of blood (held in a golden reliquary high above the head of the bishop) to the altar where the statue of San Gennaro watched over the proceedings. My gentleman friend shook his head in amazement and gratitude. Born around AD 272, Januarius became a priest at the age of fifteen. I expected superstition and melodrama. Interesting history topics are just a click away. However, inexplicable events after his death lead the people of Naples, Italy, to believe that God is at work. (Louis Finson / Public domain ) One of the written sources on Saint Januarius is the Martyrologium, written by the Venerable Bede during the 7 th / 8 th century. There is no doubt that European ethnic cultures in America have suffered greatly from assimilation to American norms. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. They present him their wishes with love and expect them to be fulfilled. The Flavian Amphitheater in Pozzuoli where St. Januarius may have died. They present him their wishes with love and expect them to be fulfilled. At the end of his tortures, he was publicly beheaded. This miracle of San Gennaro intrigued me because of its regular occurrences, three times a year. Another solid-blood year was 1528, when plague devastated the city. Apparently the blood also liquefies when a special visitor – such as a Pope – comes to Naples. At the subsequent service a centuries-old ritual takes place: the Saint’s silver bust is positioned next to the altar and the ampoule with blood is shown to the faithful by the “abate del tesoro“ and then slowly turned. The church was a great pulsing mass of humanity. Discounts at the best facilities in Naples. If you see a comment that doesn’t meet our standards, please flag it so a moderator may remove it. Armored Cathedral in Naples for the San Gennaro ceremony: only 200 admissions allowed, Coronavirus, in Campania crackdown for events and activities open to the public, Italian Cup: Naples joins Juventus in the final - France 24, Italy: Naples and Milan at small steps - France 24, Italy: Gattuso dispels doubts - France 24, Napoli wanted to play Juve, says Gattuso after forfeit loss, My football icon Gennaro Gattuson's little sister Francesca, 37, is dead, WHO concern after Napoli fans' cup celebration, Whirlpool. Each year in Naples, thousands of people gather to pray and view the blood miracle of Saint Januarius. His books include Conspicuous Criticism: Tradition, the Individual, and Culture in Modern American Social Thought (Johns Hopkins, 1996) and, most recently, Bowery to Broadway: The American Irish in Classic Hollywood Cinema (University of Scranton Press, 2010). Long live San Gennaro! In 2004, the FBI accused Perry Criscitelli, president of The Sons of San Gennaro, of being a “soldier” for the Bonanno family, heirs to the crime empire of the Genovese. Saint Gennaro was the bishop of Benevento and was beheaded during the persecution of Christians by Diocletian in 305. The day of the blood miracle is an important feast for Naples and the people celebrate it accordingly. Every year, a large crowd gathers to view and pray over the sealed vials of the saint’s dried blood. The man next to me had begun to cry quietly. In 1996, nineteen members of the Genovese crime family were arrested for a series of festival-related crimes ranging from homicide to stealing the dollar bills pinned to the ribbons on the statue of San Gennaro. Dr. Christopher Shannon is a member of the History Department at Christendom College, where he interprets the narrative of Christian history from its foundations in the Old Testament and its heroic beginnings in the Church of the Martyrs, down through the ages to the challenges of the post-modern world. This overcrowded service is attended by spiritual authorities, political dignitaries and hundreds of anticipating believers. And “Tu si ’o primmo santo nuosto,” you are our first, our most important saint! Crescenzio Sepe, was greeted by a long applause from the faithful who crowd the Cathedral of Naples from the early hours of the morning. It is said that when the blood fails to liquefy, something tragic will happen to the city of Naples that year. He has a pointy red hat, a red cape, and a pose that is serene and Buddha-like. The Feast of San Gennaro (in Italian: Festa di San Gennaro) is an Italian-American festival. Then he repeated, “Cari Napoletani, dear people of Naples, the blood was already liquid.”. They fear that if the blood is exposed to the elements, the miracle may stop occurring. Cathedral San Gennaro, Place of the blood miracle (© Umberto – After the procession of holy bust and ampoule with blood take places in the streets of historic centre, people return in church. His feast day is September 19 in the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic … Provenzano: "Unacceptable", Sardinia towards lockdown, ordinance expected over the weekend, Curfew extension, epidemic situation: what to remember from the government announcements, Because of increasing corona numbers: Denmark closes the border for German vacationers. It measured 6.9 on the Richter scale, claimed the lives of 2,735 people, and injured more than 7,500.

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