[1][5] Shortly after, IFC Midnight and Mubi acquired US and UK distribution rights to the film, respectively. Or at least tough to watch. It also bounces around a little bit at times just to keep you guessing if something is actually happening or imagined...but it doesn't really matter because nothing is ever actually explained because there's no narrative or plot. One for serious contemplation rather than frivolous fun. The plot is laid out in full in the synopsis. The Other Lamb follows a girl named Selah (Raffey Cassidy), who was born into an all-female cult that lives in the forest and is led by a man who … Independent Premium Comments can be posted by members of our membership scheme, Independent Premium. It stars Raffey Cassidy, Michiel Huisman, and Denise Gough. The Other Lamb (2020) with English Subtitles ready for download, The Other Lamb 2020 720p, 1080p, BrRip, DvdRip, Youtube, Reddit, Multilanguage and … Ireland - Horror & Suspense Movies Around the Globe. The women are the sexual property and servants of the Shepherd – and as the wives get older, he discards them before moving on to the children as they come of age. We unanimously wanted to work with her,” Arianna Bocco, EVP of acquisitions and productions of IFC Films, said in a statement. You have to wait lots of minutes for a simple action. Adolescent Selah (Raffey Cassidy, Vox Lux, The Killing of a Sacred Deer) is part of a secretive all-female woodland cult led by the Shepherd (Michiel Huisman, Game of Thrones, The Invitation). Malgorzata Szumowska’s “The Other Lamb” opens with a number of tell-tale signs that something is not quite right. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. I found myself drawn - maybe by the lush cinematography. The story tells of teenage girl Selah (Raffey Cassidy), who was born into a cult and cut off from modern society. She has visions, nightmares perhaps. Very slow movie watched only half an hour and don't have the stamina to proceed further because nothing really happening. It's a smart slow-burner with a touch too slight on some of the presented themes & threatens to be style>substance throughout, but it's a journey worth taking. As folk horror goes, The Other Lamb is a subtle beast. The women have been divided by the Shepherd into “wives”, with the children – presumably the children of the Shepherd and the wives – named “sisters”. cineleven ~ Bluray Movies Online. “‘The Other Lamb’ is the perfect addition to our 2020 slate of boundary-pushing and auteur-driven titles. Maybe this controversion is the reason why some people don't like this movie? The story tells of teenage girl Selah (Raffey Cassidy), who was born into a cult and cut off from modern society. The next morning, though, the older wives are missing. My God. Has a very creepy undertone. The Other Lamb is released in the middle of a purple patch for Szumowska, following award-winning drama Mug – it picked up the Silver Bear prize at Berlin Film Festival 2018 – and ahead of forthcoming dark satire Never Gonna Snow Again. Plot summary. The Other Lamb is currently being shown in selected UK cinemas and will be available to stream on Mubi from 16 October. Do not waste your time on this. With any luck, that future script will be tossed in the bin before it's foisted unto … Shepherd summons Selah for a night of passion but she no longer wants to lose her virginity to him. There are hints of her old, normal life, tempting but so far way. The members of the Flock – all women and female children – live in a rural compound, and are led by one man, known only as Shepherd (Huisman). Their history of championing auteurs from Europe in North America is incredible, and I’m very happy to join their roster of iconoclastic storytellers,” the director said in a statement. Wish I hadn't wasted my time. And the film's final shot is one for the ages! I really don't understand why this movie has such a low rating. A totally uninspiring movie where actually nothing happens. I really don't know what the point or message was supposed to be. Selah is given the great honor of participating in the sacred ritual of the birthing of the lambs – upon which they depend for survival – where she has a shocking and transformative experience. ‘The Other Lamb’ has been compared to Ari Aster’s ‘Midsommar'. The Other Lamb is a 2019 horror film directed by Małgorzata Szumowska and written by C.S. Deadline first reported the news of the sale. The Hollywood Reporter called it “visionary” while CBR wrote that in The Other Lamb “viewers get a cult that feels more real and comes off way scarier than Midssomar’s”. David Lancaster and Stephanie Wilcox of Rumble Films are the producers on the project along with Aoife O’Sullivan and Tristan Orpen Lynch of Subotica, Danish producer Marie Gade Denessen of Zentropa and in co-production with Umedia. Cassidy and Huisman offer decent performances, with Denise Gough the strongest of the supporting women, but the dialogue is rather minimal, much like the wild landscapes the cult traipse through in the film’s final act. Also Read: Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie Sci-Fi Thriller 'Synchronic' Acquired by Well Go USA. This could've made a great short story if it only took fifteen minutes to tell what the directors managed to drag out in an hour and a half. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Story is good but after all it just not good enough. Szumowska and her cast have created a sparse film in more ways than one. Credit: MUBI. I enjoyed it, especially because of how plausible the scenario. | Are you sure you want to delete this comment? The Other Lamb follows a girl named Selah (Raffey Cassidy), who was born into an all-female cult that lives in the forest and is led by a man who calls himself Shepherd. Story is good and I also liked the act. An elegantly well shot Vibrant feminist Rebellion against the Patriarchy Cult Horror Drama. In one scene, she’s pictured in a car in normal clothes – a world away from the old-fashioned garments worn by the cult women. I am a 28 year old man and have never written a movie review before, but after seeing this film I felt compelled to make an IMDB account and write about how utterly pretentious this movie was. McMullen. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. It is these women's pleasure to serve their shepherd hand and foot...and booty. I couldn't watched all, I had to move fast forward to avoid the lengthy Plane and boring scenes that won't tell or add anything to the story. He sexually assaults the frightened young lady, partly because he's sadistic, but also to punish her for buddying up to Sarah. Plus, it didn't hurt that his own arrogance finally got the better of him. She told how she'd put the meat in the oven-"it's there now, cooking"- and how she'd slopped out to the grocer for vegetables, and come back to find him lying on the floor. Metacritic Reviews. What, exactly, is Selah’s back story? The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. 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