© Letterboxd Limited. Who's that knocking at my door? Roger Ebert famously raved about Who’s That Knocking at My Door upon attending its premiere, calling it "technically comparable to the best films being made anywhere" and "a great moment in American movies." An alright film, strange first feature for Martin Scorsese. Who's that knocking at my door? The most impressive artistic part is the carnal love montage that’s brilliantly shot, choreographed, edited and underscored. With dread. A Catholic New Yorker falls in love with a girl and decides to marry her. Fellini’s vitelloni now have names like Sally Gaga and Smart Joey and keep chafing against each other in a Little Italy neighborhood, floating on macho swagger and bitching ("Shit, I may have to go to China for some Chinese food"). a raw, intimate, and experimental debut film from martin scorsese himself. Feist, it's on her "The Reminder" album. and whats it called? Film as sacrament, musical spectacle, lavish delectation of image and sound. Still have questions? Now there comes a sound without any warning Knocking at my door. Only later did he confess that he may have been too eager in his initial praise, but I have no such reservations about celebrating the film. ? Scorsese lays the groundwork for many of the themes his filmography would eventually revolve around: faith, violence, relationships, New York identity etc. Add Comment. However, I was somewhat disappointed with it. I love the early scene when Keitel is talking to the girl he met- after seeing such a good scene I thought…, I smell some of Godard's shit here and I like it. Dealing with the "manhood" of…. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Fascinating to see Scorsese this early in his filmmaking career but aside from that I don't know if there's anything ridiculously special about this one! He's good at it. Can't be the plumber, the peddler, the parlor, cause i've paid those bills I hope that it isn't the doctor, the dentist, they can't cure my ills If it's someone that i've known, gonna make him feel at home Who's that knocking at my door? Can't be the grocer, the butcher, the baker, they don't knock that way I just know it's good luck coming my way! I know it can't be the milk man, the gas man, the bread man, who always collects The possibilities in creating an independent feature film in this country are abundantly illustrated by "Who's That Knocking at My Door?," a first work by Martin Scorsese that has been knocking around for nearly two years now. Mobile site. i almost sure i wouldn’t like it as i’m not a big scorsese’s fan but it turned out to be really enjoyable. But then he learns that she was once raped. Let 'em In Lyrics: Someone knockin' at the door / Somebody ringin' the bell / Someone's knockin' at the door / Somebody's ringin' the bell / Do me a favor / Open the door, and let 'em in, ooh yeah Seeing a masters early work is always interesting and I can definitely see the master being created right in front of my eyes watching this. If it's someone that i've known, gonna make him feel at home Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. What at first seemed to be intriguing editing transitions, ended up being some pretty grating structural issues, and I can’t say the film was ever as introspective as the synopsis alluded to (I seriously saw someone compare it to Heart of Darkness and my head is still spinning from that comment.) also the ending was great imo. TMDb Get your answers by asking now. Harvey Keitel is great for the most part and his acting felt very natural for the role. If my sweetie's there outside, my arms and my heart are open wide 1234 . Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Who's that knocking at my door? I enjoyed it but it didn't really demand a lot from me. 1 decade ago. Someone's coming back to me It's almost humorous how perfectly Scorsese would capture nearly every last theme he'd play around with for his entire career in the first two scenes of Who's That Knocking at my Door?. It's absolutely incredible. Check out her last album, "Let It Die" too. It's absolutely incredible. I hope that it isn't the butter and egg man, who writes out those checks? Some pretty powerful editing here though. Pop music begins playing over the image and the men are compelled to beat up other men. and whats it called? It's a testament to his talents as a filmmaker that he came right out of the gate knowing exactly what he wanted to say, but then Scorsese has always been an almost autobiographical…, The first two scenes -- pasta and saints in the kitchen, street gelheads bashing skulls to a doo-wop tune -- lay out the Gospel According to Martin Scorsese.

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