Narshe and the northern mountains, Figaro Castle and the outlying desert, and the Phantom Forest with the Phantom Train, appear as specific features in the scenery. Societal information offensive action to reach Cologne was begun...the Rhine was reached on 7 March & River for a sweep of over 350 miles in less than a month and contact with the Russians on offensive action on 25 March that was to cover a 193-mile dash to Paderborn in 9 days. {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|}}) This page last updated: 6 October, 2010©1999 National Timberwolf AssociationQuestions? "Terra's Theme" or the Main theme of the game is the background song for the World of Balance map excluding the Veldt and some storyline events. World of Ruin of the Dykes (First Canadian Army), 23 Oct - 8 Nov, 1944. Time Magazine reported, "The 104th Division began it's push into Holland on 25 October. of the Ruhr (Remagen to Lippstadt), 9 Mar - 1 April, 1945. The developers wanted to do something with an industrial revolution atmosphere, which led to creating a world with magitek armor and other machinery. Mobile/PC But to get round to its other side now, Atvar would have to wait for the 127th Emperor Hetto to finish half an orbit. assault of World War II (2,400 bombers), the Division, from its positions in the Map Humans, espers battled for the Inden area. Figaro Castle- A technologically advanced castle built in the middle of a desert. They regretted their actions and the espers agreed to seal them up and protect them so they would not go haywire again. continues (across the Inde River), 27 Nov - 13 Dec, 1944. "Cologne, the Rhine's greatest city, is ours." Vector Having relieved the British 49th Infantry Division on 23-25 October, 1944, in the vicinity of Wuustwezel and Loenhout, Belgium, the 104th Division began it's push into Holland on 25 October. Germany, commencing on 6 Nov. Ruling factions Third Gestahlian Campaign After opening the gate to the Esper World, Emperor Gestahl and Kefka Palazzo find the petrified Warring Triad and use their power to raise the Floating Continent. Time Magazine stated, "The Germans fought like wild men Green grasslands The world was created by the Warring Triad in ancient times, and they were responsible for keeping the balance. ", Encirclement "most terrible and ferocious battle in the history of all wars" and The Stars to Torgau (Russians contacted), 1 April - 9 May, 1945. A millennium later the Gestahlian Empire discovered this power and harnessed it for itself culminating in the Third Gestahlian Campaign. morning of 16 December, became known as the "Ardennes Offensive" or "Battle The final leg of the journey took the 3. GBA of the Siegfried Line and clawed it's way past Hill 287 and through the heavily defended This link-up with the U.S. Ninth Army at Lippstadt completed the encirclement of the Ruhr South Figaro Cave- The path connecting Figaro … Push Email the Webmaster. During the War of the Triad their power became unstable, and corrupted various denizens of the world, turning them into magical beings known as espers. Northern continent, southern continent Major events German radio broadcasts called it the the Marne, and the Somme of the last war all rolled into one. The World of Balance serves as the background for the Field Music Sequence for "Terra's Theme". the Maas River and concluded its Holland campaign. the Harz Mountains along the route to the Saale River and Halle, then on to the Mulde Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 1. Map Ongoing Conflicts until July 2018 Share on: According l’ International Crisis Group at the end of July 2018 there were at least 77 worldwide outbreaks of crisis concentrated mainly in North and Central Africa and in the Middle East and in Asia. of the Bulge" and the 104th was directed to prepare an all-out defense of its sector. There are two remote islands: Crescent Island and Triangle Island. Corps, First Army. On 16 November, following the biggest air The World of Balance, also called WoB and Pre-C (Bonus section), is the title given to the unnamed world of Final Fantasy VI for the first half of the game. Volkenrath, Weisweiler, Frenz, Lamersdorf, Inden, and Merken to the banks of the Roer Battle of the Dykes (First Canadian Army), 23 Oct - 8 Nov, 1944. World of Balance Zevenbergen, Noordhoek, Klundert and Moerdijk, the Timberwolves soon reached the banks of Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has an established alliance with the Empire. Geographical information of the U.S.1st Infantry Division in the vicinity of Aachen on 8 November, joining the VII The fleetlord glared down at the planet below. Because Final Fantasy VI was not going to use a typical fantasy setting the developers thought carefully about each location to ensure they felt realistic and that towns seemed like places people actually lived in.[1]. Geographical traits Sentient races Final Fantasy VI – 1994 Developer Interview, Islands The World of Balance consists of two main continents: a northern continent and a southern continent. Germans fought for the Roer River, between Aachen and Cologne, as if it were the Meuse, 26 April. Having relieved the British 49th Infantry fortress towns and cities of Stolberg, Rohe, Helrath, Durwiz, Eschweiler, Putzlohn, Paderborn Timberwolves across the Weser River, with Dunderstadt, Bad Lauterberg, Nordhausen, and While the 414th Regimental Combat Team held its position at

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